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3 Japanese Workout Videos for Your Funny Bone

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3 Japanese Workout Videos for Your Funny Bone

As people around the world are trying to keep fit and active with home workouts over the internet, not all fitness videos are the same. We've found three that are much more entertaining than informative. We can’t guarantee these videos will get you gains, but they are sure to bring the pain... to your sides!

3. Ramen Taiso

Taiso, or calisthenic exercises, is very popular across the entire country among every age group, from children to elders. And while there are many to choose from, few are as ridiculous as Ramen Taiso. This workout uses the act of eating ramen as a step guide. The steps include walking to the restaurant, stretching out with your bowl of ramen, splitting the chopsticks, stirring the noodles, and blowing to cool them down (cooling yourself down with deep breaths). Finally, you finish by drinking the soup. While your stomach will be empty after eating the imaginary ramen, you'll be one step closer to having a flat and firm tummy.

2. Poodle Power with Mariko Takahashi

Produced by Panasonic, this hilarious parody of typical workout testimonial videos was originally created for the company's Ten Short Movies – Capture the Motion series that launched ahead of the 2004 Summer Olympic games. The short video was directed by renowned Japanese director Nagi Noda and hosted by model and actress Mariko Takahashi, who flawlessly delivers a straight-faced performance that makes the whole scene even more hilarious. The cherry on top of this crazy conception is that everything Takahashi says was taken word-for-word from workout megastar Susan Powter’s first video.

1. Zuiikin English

If you haven't seen this video yet, get new friends! Because if they haven't shared this Zuiikin English video with you, they don't truly love you. This program, which ran on Fuji Television in 1992, is perhaps one of the funniest Japanese English instructional videos on YouTube. The combination of cringe worthy acting with placid fitness models doing jazzy aerobics in their best 90s workout leotards is pure gold. And, if you're currently studying English, you also have the opportunity to practice singing, "I have a bad case of diarrhea." You never know when you'll need this incredibly important phrase. After learning how to announce your sour stomach, look around for some of the other videos in the series. Some favorite phrases include: "Spare me my life," "You look sensational in that dress," and "Hasta la vista, baby."