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Hide the Wasabi—It's the Sushi Police!

Sushi Anime Japanese Commercials

"Don't you forget it: We will never forgive wrong sushi."

Thus concludes the second trailer for the short CG anime Sushi Police by award-winning creative studio KOO-KI. The title is a nod to a term used by some Western news sources to refer to the Japanese government's 2006 plan to offer official seals of approval to selected overseas Japanese restaurants, which was itself a response to a perceived trend in overseas restaurants billing themselves as "Japanese food" but serving dishes from other Asian countries, or food that was simply bad—hence the trailer's over-the-top tag line.

The series follows the deadpan antics of the three men of Section 9 (perhaps a further nod to Ghost in the Shell?) who investigate foreign restaurants: leader Honda (voiced by Akira Yamashita), data analyst Suzuki (Ifumasaka) and the android inspector Kawasaki (Hiromitsu Okamoto). Slated to premiere January 6, 2016, on the Tokyo MX station, the series will be available on Google Play, Amazon Prime Video and other online services the next day.

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