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Yuzuru Hanyu Wins Gold & Sui Ishida's Heart

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Japan’s Yuzuru Hanyu became the first man in 66 years to win two consecutive Olympic gold medals in men’s figure skating at the PyeongChang Olympics on Saturday.

Tokyo Ghoul manga creator Sui Ishida posted an illustration of Hanyu on Twitter. The illustration appears to recreate an image of Hanyu from his performance in the men’s free skate on Saturday.

Hanyu is a known fan of Tokyo Ghoul. He was once photographed with fellow skater Evgenia Medvedeva (a Sailor Moon fan who was holding a Luna plush at the time) while holding a Tokyo Ghoul tumbler. In the photograph, Hanyu’s pose apparently mimics Tokyo Ghoul protagonist Kaneki’s from the anime’s visuals.

Although meeting Hanyu would be a dream for many, the skater recently got to interact with one of his own idols. The episode of Natsuki Hanae and Rina Hidaka‘s “A&G Tribal Radio Edison” radio program that aired on Saturday featured a short interview with Hanyu. Hanae plays main character Ken Kaneki in Tokyo Ghoul. Hanae and Hidaka interviewed Hanyu on his recent win and his interests.

In the beginning of the interview, Hanyu said to Hanae “Kaneki-kun!” in an excited voice. He admitted he was nervous to get to talk to Hanae, and Hanae later said he was mutually nervous. To avoid leaving Hidaka out, Hanyu told her that he “of course” knows her as well but couldn’t immediately think of one of her characters.

Hanyu said in the interview that he was relieved after his win at the Olympics. However, he quickly turned the conversation back to fanboying over Hanae. He said he was more nervous than during his free program on Saturday. Hanae remarked that listeners had been talking about how Hanyu is a fan of Tokyo Ghoul, and Hanyu confirmed he has watched the anime. He added that he owns Tokyo Ghoul merchandise.

In addition, Hanyu said in the interview that he likes video games including Monster Hunter. Although he has yet to play Monster Hunter World, Hanyu said he uses a Charge Blade when he plays. Hanyu appeared in commercials for the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate game that debuted in 2014. Hanyu ended the interview by repeating “Kaneki-kun!” Hanae replied, “I’m Kaneki!”

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