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Luffy Depicted as a Stone Cold Fighter

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Luffy and the Straw Hat Crew are taking over Kyoto, including an exhibition inside and outside the prominent Daikaku-ji Temple.

Visitors can explore the exhibition’s story through calligraphy, ink paintings, picture scrolls and nishiki-e (polychrome woodblock prints) throughout the temple. The Nue yokai is a prominent part of the One Piece story, and what better way to capture its overwhelmingly fearsome demeanor than by creating a giant stone mural in the temple’s garden? The 800 square meter art piece shows Luffy giving the Nue a punch in the face. Approximately 30 tons of stone was used to create the piece.

MaiDiGi TV captured the full scene using a drone to get the perfect aerial view.

For more information about the fable behind the exhibition, click on the full story below from Anime News Network.

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