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Top 20 Things To Do In Nagano, Japan

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The city of Nagano is one of the most visited cities in the country during winter, for its many ski resorts that offer varieties of slopes which are perfect for all levels of skiers. But apart from winter activities, the prefecture as a whole boasts a bevy of historical sites, shrines, scenic attractions, and more.

20. Ride a cable car over the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route

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Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route is an attraction in Nagano, which will take your breath away because of its sceneries. It is a mountain scenic route that starts in Tateyama, Toyama, Ōmachi, and ends at Nagano. You’ll also pass through the stunning Mt. Tateyama in the Japanese Alps. Make sure to try this route before leaving Nagano to have a complete experience of the Prefecture.

19. Tread the quaint Edo-style streets of Narai juku

Nestled in the mountainous Kiso Valley, Narai-Juku seems to be frozen back in time with its Edu Period structures. It features a 1-km (0.62 mi) flat walking path, perfect for strolling no matter your age. This pretty town is a popular merchant hub where you’ll find numerous shops selling a variety of items, such as lacquerware, souvenir items, and crafts. Also, it is lined with food stall and restaurants serving a variety of local delicacies like rice balls, soba noodles, vegetable buns, and more. Moreover, don’t forget to visit the many house-turned-museums.

18. Relish a traditional Japanese breakfast at Ryokan Sakaya

If you haven’t decided where to stay during your vacation in Nagano, then, why not book a room at the Ryokan Sakaya? It is a hotel that offers traditional Japanese rooms with free Wi-Fi access. It contains a flat-screen television for your entertainment, safety deposit box for your valuables, and a refrigerator as well as a tea set. Also, you’ll find a yukata robe and a private bathroom with bathtub. Another great feature of the hotel is its many relaxation amenities, such as an open-air and indoor bath, massage room, and sauna.

17.) Hike through the winding cedar woods to Togakushi Shrine

Located in a forested mountain, Togakushi Shrine is consist of lower, middle, and upper shrines. This shrine is based on a Japanese legend about the Sun goddess hiding in a cave after her brothers misbehaved, which as a result enveloped the world in complete darkness. So the other deities perform ritual dances, and when the sun goddess got curious and peek, one of the deities throw the cave door, giving the world light once again. Learn more about this mythology when you visit this beautiful shrine.

16. Experience traditional Japanese hospitality at Kamimatsuya Ryokan

Located conveniently near the JR Bessho Onsen Station, Kamimateuya Ryokan offers varieties of traditional Japanese rooms with television and air conditioning unit as well as a private bathroom. All rooms here feature tatami floors, futons, and shoji screen. Additional things you may find in your room include slippers, tea set, refrigerator, and free toiletries. The hotel also offers public and private baths that will surely relax its guests.

15.) Pay tribute to ancient feudal lords at Sanada Shrine

Nestled in the Ueda Castle Ruins, Sanada is a small shrine that worships feudal lords such as Sanada, Sengoku, and Matsudaira. Though it is located in the castle, the shrine has no entrance fee, except if you wish to explore the inside of the castle. A lot of people visit the shrine to ask for better work and school situations. Also, there is a gift shop where you can buy a seal stamp that brings good luck.

14. Take a scenic chairlift ride from Happo Pond

Poised in the Northern Japanese Alps, Happo Pond is a picturesque attraction that in a good day, reflects the Hakuba Sanzan mountains in its clear water. Though it has a high location, the pond is an easy 90-minute hike, and along the way, you’ll encounter beautiful wildflowers. Also, you can ride a chairlift and admire the views of the alps from above. Make sure you take lots of amazing photos when you visit.

13. Worship at the celebrated Suwa Taisha Shrine

One of the most celebrated shrines in Japan, Suwa Taisha Shrine is composed of four shrines complexes that are located in the largest lake in the country, Suwa Lake. The two upper shrines worship Mt. Moriya, a holy mountain, while the lower shrines feature a sacred tree, which is the focus of their devotions. There are also more or less 10,000 Suwa sub-shrines all over Japan.

12.) Luxuriate in the open-air onsen at Spa Lodge Redwood Inn

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【CREA 2・3月合併号 楽しいひとり温泉。絶賛発売中!】露天風呂から見える絶景というと、いくつか典型的なイメージがありますよね? それを大きく裏切ってくれるのが、長野県高山村にある「Redwood Inn」の丸太露天からの風景。宿の外観は、絵本に出てくるような小さな山小屋。周囲には小さなスキー場と牧場。まるでスイスの片田舎で、どう見ても温泉宿の気配はないのですが、中に入ると写真のようなすばらしい露天風呂が! じわじわ温まって癒されるというだけじゃない、広い空のもと、大地の恵みを感じる気持ち良さが異色です。誌面掲載カットを無理にトリミングしているので、本当はもっとずっと素敵。ぜひ誌面でご確認を! photograph:Yukihiro Shinohara #CREA #creamagazine #ひとり温泉 #温泉 #ひとり旅 #hotsprings #onsen #redwoodinn #絶景露天風呂 #CREAツイッターでBestひとり温泉アンケートを始めました

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Are you looking for a luxury place to stay in Nagano that has everything you’ll need? If so, you have to book a room at the Spa Lodge Redwood Inn. It is set in the mountains and close to a few attractions like Yamaboku Wild Snow Park and Kaminari Falls. The inn features eight no-frills rooms that have a standard feature of tatami floors and free Wi-Fi. Also, in some rooms, you’ll find traditional Japanese short-leg table, futons, as well as a balcony. But what makes this place special is its outdoor hot spring, made from an old redwood log. Moreover, it has an onsite restaurant and an attic room that contains a hammock and a sleeping loft.

11. Explore the magnificent Zenkō-ji Temple

Founded in the seventh century, Zenkō-Ji is one of the most prominent temples in Japan, which is home to the first Buddhist statue in Japan. You can only view the replica of the statue every six years, while the authentic copy is hidden from the public’s eye. Another popular part of the temple is its basement that has an underground passageway, which you need to walk in pitch darkness to find the “key to paradise.” This key is said to bring salvation to anyone who touches it.

10. Dip your feet in the emerald river waters of Atera Valley

Located northwest of Nojiri, Atera Valley is well-known for its turquoise and emerald green water and picture-perfect waterfall. And during summer, this place is filled with families trying to escape the heat of the city and cool down a bit by swimming in its picturesque water. Apart from the falls, the valley is a good source of timber like cypress, which is used to build shrines and buildings. Additionally, it is also famous for its species of wildflowers, such as rhododendron, clove cherry, and azaleas.

9. Admire the stunning alpine wildflowers at Central Alps Senjojiki Cirque

Featuring the most scenic alpine view, Central Alps Senjojiki Cirque is a must-visit attraction for people who love nature, flowers, and spectacular sceneries. Its meadows, during summer, features a stunning view of subalpine and alpine wildflowers, and in autumn, it features an astonishing fall color. If you’re wondering what’s the easiest way to get to Senjojiki Cirque, you can ride the Komagane Ropeway, which is the oldest mountain ropeway in Japan.

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