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5 Delectable Kansai 'Bib Gourmand' Restaurants

| Michelin , Kansai

"Bib Gourmand" refers to the Michelin Guide's listing of casual restaurants offering reasonably priced, great-tasting food. Here we've selected five great Bib Gourmand-recommended restaurants from the 2016 area guides covering a diverse range of cuisines in the Kyoto, Osaka, Hyogo and Nara areas.

1. Trattoria Mamma di Boo (Kyoto)

A trattoria is a spot where you can enjoy tucking into traditional Tuscan cuisine. Kyoto's Trattoria Mamma di Boo offers a meat-based menu that’s devoted to lovers of Italian. We also recommend lunch here!

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2. Abarotz (Nara)

This casual Spanish restaurant opened in 2014 built around three concepts: "organic," "local," and "freedom." It's just the spot to enjoy food in a laid-back, comfy atmosphere.

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3. Raofusai Orchid Court (Kobe)

Raofusai Orchid Court is a new branch of Kobe’s well-known Chinese restaurant, Raofusai (or Lao Fuu Tsaii). Located on the eastern side of the city, it's a great place to enjoy a range of delicious, spicy dishes.

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4. Maeshiba Ryoriten (Osaka)

Maeshiba Ryoriten is a counter-style French restaurant where you can tuck into meat dishes until late at night. Be sure to try this gutsy, high-calorie cuisine prepared by talented chefs trained in various restaurants.

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5. La Bonne Tarsh (Osaka)

La Bonne Tarsh's Chef Tamura trained in France in addition to working for eight years at Côte D'or in Mita, Tokyo. It's a place to enjoy your fill of delicious cuisine such as red capsicum mousse, Homarus lobster mousse, or even stingray dishes.

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