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Incredible Cherry Blossoms in Kagawa

Cherry Blossoms Kagawa Shikoku

Cherry blossom season is one of the most popular times to visit the Land of the Rising Sun, and with good reason! Often overlooked but of particular note, Shiudeyama in Kagawa Prefecture is a must-visit if you want to catch some once-in-a-lifetime scenery.

5. An Unmissable Sunset

While you can get a day’s worth of enjoyment from the pink colors of the cherry blossoms mixed with the blue sea, the evenings also provide an amazing atmosphere. You can get a romantic blend of the silhouettes of the trees set against the sky as the setting sun stains it a deep red. This also signals the day’s end. For cherry blossom season, the last shuttle bus for Oohama’s Fishing Harbor departs at 5:00 p.m.

During the evening, you can enjoy the scenery of the sunset on the west side as you observe the peaceful Seto Inland Sea. Once you see the cherry blossoms and the sea turn orange, you should immediately head down the mountain before it gets dark. While you may be reluctant to leave this spectacular view, be reminded that the last shuttle bus from the summit leaves at 6:45 p.m.

Since hydrangea season is also wonderful, we recommend you visit Shiudeyama in both the spring and summer!

4. Mysterious Fog

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奇跡の桜絶景✨紫雲出山! ・ 桜の花越しに見る瀬戸内海は息をのむ美しさ! 最近寒くなったので、少しだけ春の景色をお届けします・:*:・(*´ー`*人)。・:*:・。 ・ 《紫雲出山(しうでやま)》 住所 : 香川県三豊市詫間町大浜乙451-1 桜の見頃 : 3月下旬〜4月中旬 ・ ・ #best_moments_shots #ptk_japan #tokyocameraclub #excellent_asia #pt_life_ #art_of_japan_ #instagramjapan #bestjapanpics #bestphoto_japan #photo_shorttrip #phos_japan #japan_daytime_view #紫雲出山 #pics_jp #瀬戸内 #はなまっぷ #香川 #父母ヶ浜 #japan_of_insta #wp_japan #photo_life_best #mtshiude #ig_japangram #s_shot #colorsjp #team_jp_#ig_travel #cityspride #桜 #igersjp

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Shiudeyama is 352 meters (about 1,154 feet) above sea level, and the view from the observation deck is often one of an ocean covered in fog. While it may change the mood, that foggy atmosphere is beautiful in its own right. After all, when it gets foggy the pink tones of the cherry blossoms turn lighter, as if you are looking at an Indian-ink painting. Once you are surrounded by fog, the cherry blossoms truly seem like something plucked out of a dream!

3. A View from the Observation Deck

Once you reach the summit of Shiudeyama, you can find yourself at the Observation Deck. Nearby, you can see an exhibit dedicated to olden Shiudeyama, which displays pottery made from clay and stone from 2,000 years ago. There is also a café where you can treat yourself to some sweets, drinks and a light meal while enjoying the scenery from the windows.

The view from the Observation Deck is truly remarkable—the numerous islands of the Seto Inland Sea in the east, and the Chugoku region in the west! Between the two, the east will catch your eye a little more, with the pink tones of the cherry blossoms mixing in with the blue sea as well as the panoramic view of the islands weaving together.

For the final two spots in Shiudeyama, read the original article from Trip101 via the link below!