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Just One Cookbook's 3 Best Sushi Roll Recipes


Many people are intimidated by the idea of making sushi at home, but with detailed step-by-step instructions, Just One Cookbook teaches you how easy it is to make a delicious roll! Here are our top three favorite sushi rolls, along with instructions on how to make them!

3. California Roll

The California roll, while not traditionally Japanese, is one of the most recognized and popular sushi rolls abroad. This sushi features a unique flavor profile including savory crab meat, soft avocado and crisp cucumbers. This roll is also unique in that it's created "inside out," with the rice being on the outside of the nori, or crisp seaweed. This sushi is also great for sushi beginners, or those who might be intimidated by raw fish, as this is one of the only sushi rolls that features fully cooked seafood.

Check out the full recipe for Just One Cookbook's California roll, which is surprisingly easy to make at home!

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2. Spicy Tuna Roll

The spicy tuna roll is arguably one of the easiest and most delicious sushi rolls to make at home. Nami from Just One Cookbook claims this is her most requested sushi recipe! Unlike the California roll, the spicy tuna roll features only one component within the roll: spiced tuna. Despite only having tuna, this immensely popular roll is packed with flavor. Nami recommends garnishing it with an original spicy mayonnaise sauce (featuring sriracha!) as well as chopped green onions.

See the full recipe over at Just One Cookbook.

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1. The Dragon Roll

Nami writes that the dragon roll is her favorite sushi roll, and with good reason. This roll features an array of textures: crunchy shrimp tempura, soft avocado and creamy mayonnaise sauce. This is also a wonderful roll to make at home and then serve your friends, as it's one of the most impressive and aesthetically pleasing sushi rolls. Nami recommends using frozen tempura to save time, but you can also use her shrimp tempura recipe if you want to make the whole thing from scratch. Creating this roll at home isn't even that hard!

Check out Just One Cookbook for a full and detailed recipe.

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