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12 Must-Try Dishes from Nagoya

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Nagoya, the fourth-most populous city in the country, has long been an agricultural and economic center due to its strategic location along the fertile Nobi Plain. Its strong and distinctive culinary tradition sets it apart from its neighbors, Kyoto and Osaka, and includes many must-try dishes!

12. Uiro

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Uiro is a chewy Japanese steamed dessert made of rice flour and a little sugar. Its texture may be similar to mochi, but it feels softer, like jelly. Traditional flavors include the yuzu (a Japanese citrus fruit), matcha (Japanese green tea), sweet bean paste and chestnut paste. Best enjoyed with a relaxing cup of tea, you can purchase this tasty dessert from one of the many Toraya Uiro stores in Nagoya.

11. Goheimochi

11. Goheimochi

Made from mashed uruchi (white) rice, the goheimochi is a local specialty of Mikawa district. This delicacy comes in a variety of shapes and flavors, but the most popular one is a large oval-shaped piece which is skewered and grilled with sweet and thick miso paste for which Nagoya is famous. Head to the Oku-Mikawa area where you can have your fill from the 25 shops selling different varieties of this fluffy and yummy rice cake!

10. Nagoya Breakfast

This slightly cheating since it's a whole meal, not just a single dish, but still! Coffee shops are everywhere in Nagoya and they have become an important part of life, places where locals go to relax and gather with family and friends. As part of excellent “morning service," the coffee shops offer free breakfast deals that usually consists of toast, a hard-boiled egg and salad, all for the price of a cup of coffee. Sounds like an awesome deal, doesn’t it?

To enjoy this incredible “morning service," visit Shirakabe Café Hanagoyomi, with a wide variety of items on the menu at affordable prices.

9. Tebasaki

9. Tebasaki

Tebasaki are Japanese-style fried chicken wings that contain the wingtip. These spicy wings go very well with beer or sake. Traditionally, wingtips are not usually used in cooking because they have very little meat. However, in Nagoya, they have become a hit with locals because of the creative way to double fry them for a crisp finish. This delicacy has become so popular that you can also find Tebasaki-flavored ice cream and snacks now. Head to the famous izakaya restaurant, Sekai no Yama-Chan for a really tasty version of the tebasaki!

8. Tenmusu

8. Tenmusu

An alternative to onigiri, tenmusu is a convenient food for eating on the go. It may look like just a small and ordinary rice ball but take a closer look at this local delight, and you will see the tip of the shrimp fritter sticking out from the rice ball. The briny flavor of the shrimp and dried seaweed brings just the right amount of saltiness.

Try them at the popular Senju Nagoya-Famous Temmusu, where you can eat in the store during lunch time from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. Caution: once you pop a couple of tenmusu into your mouth, you may get addicted to this yummy snack!

7. Kishimen

7. Kishimen

Kishimen is a broad and flat type of noodles common in Nagoya, a local specialty since the early Edo Period. The broth is seasoned with a touch of sweet sake, using a stronger soybean sauce compared to the normal soy sauce produced with soy and wheat. Popular toppings for the dish include steamed fish cake, deep fried bean curd and spinach. Dried bonito flakes are sprinkled on the dish before serving.

A great place to taste this dish is the Miya Kishimen Jingu Restaurant. Located beside the grounds of Atsuta Jingu, you can enjoy your delectable meal with a view.

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