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5 Limited-Edition 'Sakura' Sweets for 2018

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Spring brings about new beginnings in Japan—and new sweets, as confectioners and companies celebrate the transient beauty of the sakura, or cherry blossoms, that bloom to herald the arrival of warmer weather. Here are a few of our limited-edition favorites!


This famous cheese tart is always on the mark with new and seasonal flavors, and this spring is no exception. The arrival of cherry blossoms is preceded by the Pablo mini Sakura Mochi cheese tarts, the perfect addition to your picnic basket. Within the flaky crust is a generous mound of cheese filling and sakura paste, topped with an elegant sakura “flower.”

It’s not just limited to cheese tarts, either! Pablo has also come up with a Sakura Melting Cheese Pudding, an exquisitely made pudding with sweet sakura sauce. The creamy pink colors will make you fall in love with the new season.

Check out the other four seasonal selections at Tokyo Girls' Update below!

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