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Super Saiyan-Style Dishes Served in Osaka

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A Dragon Ball Café and Diner has just opened in Osaka featuring a wide array of yummy foods inspired by the franchise. Located on the fifth floor of the Umeda Hilton Plaza West, the restaurant promises to delight fans with a menu packed full of Dragon Ball goodness. Below are some of our favorites.

This Four-Star Dragon Ball dessert (¥1,000/US$8.80) is filled with mango, orange and white chocolate mousse. But be quick! Only 200 are made each day.

The Flying Nimbus Pancake (¥1,400) comes with a rich citrus sauce and is every bit as fluffy as you'd expect.

This Dragon Ball Tree (¥750) may not be green, but the exquisite mint cream and vanilla crème brûlée ought to make up for it.

Fans can summon Shenlong with this impressive Shrimp Spring Roll (¥1,850/US$16.43).