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The Wait is Over—Sailor Moon Café is Back!

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Each of the supporting Inner Senshi also gets her own signature sweets, based on their individual powers (¥1,390 each) like Sailor Mercury’s Bubble Spray Cheesecake.

Sailor Mars’ Burning Mandala Anmitsu is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

If Sailor Jupiter is your favorite Sailor Guardian, then order Sailor Jupiter's Supreme Thunder Cream Puff.

Craving some waffles? Well, you're in luck since Sailor Venus’ Love Me Chain Waffles are simply to die for.

And if you’re thirsty from your meal, or perhaps from all the excitedly vocal reminiscing you and your Sailor Moon Café dining companions have been doing, the anime’s mother and daughter are ready to help with the Sailor Moon Mango Cream Smoothie and Chibi Moon Strawberry Milk Smoothie (¥990 each).