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Hokkaido's Top 5 Autumn Color Spots

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Japan's autumnal color change begins up in Hokkaido, so you need to explore the area a little early if you want to catch the season's best. The vast nature of Hokkaido, unspoiled by all the concrete and construction of Japan's more populous zones, makes it an incredible place to see the red and golden leaves.

5. Sounkyo Hot Spring

5. Sounkyo Hot Spring

This is a favorite for budget hikers and onsen (hot spring) fans. Take the ropeways or hike up Mount Kurodake for some breathtaking views.

Fall Foliage Period: Mid September to early October

4. Asahidake & Daisetsuzan Ginsendai

Hike up into stunning mountains in this vast national park. If you want a multi-day immersion in autumn leaves, you can even hike all the way to Sounkyo from here!

Fall Foliage Period: Mid to late September

3. Jozankei Gorge

3. Jozankei Gorge

Take the Momiji Kappa Bus (October 1 to 21) as it takes you around what many consider the best fall foliage spots in Japan. There's also a gondola service and hiking in the area. Access from Sapporo Station for Jozankei Onsen (75 min, ¥770).

Fall Foliage Period: October 1–21

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