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Have Yourself a Merry Christmas (by Yourself)

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8. Go to a Pet Café

While pet cafés might be a good destination for couples on a date, there's nothing weird about going there alone and you'll have the animals to keep you company. Locations are popping up by the minute all over Japan, and bigger cities like Tokyo offer an ample choice of animals, from typical cats to exotic owls.

9. Drink It down at a Bar

Going to a bar alone is not that unsual in Japan. Our suggestion is to pick one with loud music, even better if you can find one where you can make requests! Among the foreigner-friendly chains, a staple is Hub. In Tokyo, other foreigner-approved locations are Rockaholic (in both Shibuya and Shimokitazawa) and What the Dickens! in Ebisu, famous for its live music.

10. Find Inner Peace in a Church

As we covered last year, churches in Japan celebrate the Christian Christmas with masses on the 24th and 25th. If you've never been to a mass or you've never seen the celebration of a certain Christian denomination, this is a good chance to learn more about a different religion.

11. Rock out at a Concert

The music scene never rests, and Christmas is just another day for performers to perform! If you don't have a favorite band, try checking out venues that play music in your favorite genre, as their Christmas schedule will surely be up by the beginning of December. For classical music lovers in Tokyo, the NHK Orchestra will have performances both on December 24 and 25, but you better grab your ticket before they sell out.

12. Sing Aloud at Karaoke

Japanese people love going to karaoke, and they totally don't mind doing it alone—so much that they even have a word for that too: hitokara (a mix of hitori, one person, and karaoke). Just hit up your local karaoke, get a room and sing your loneliness away! There's also a chain specializing in hitokara and you can read about them on their website.

13. Dance All Night at a Club

Once again, Christmas is just a regular day in Japan, so why not try spending it dancing in a club? This year, famous Tokyo club Ageha is open on December 24, and other foreign-friendly party organizers, such as Tokyo Info Party and Gaitomo Club, also have parties on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

14. Relax in an Onsen…

Is there a better place to relax than an onsen? In most public onsen, men and women are divided, thus reducing the possibility of meeting lovebirds. Additionally, you can book private onsen rooms. For more information and suggestions, head over to our featured articles on onsen.

15. ...or with a Massage

When asked what they did on Christmas alone, some Japanese netizens reported that they opted for a relaxing massage! Massage parlors are scattered all around major cities in Japan, and while some might be a little...sketchy, most have properly trained professionals ready to bring you on a blissful journey with their skillful hands. If you're unsure about how to find a proper massage place, try looking for a local 整骨院 (seikotsuin), or a clinic that offers sports massages and physiotherapy (this is recommended if you speak at least a bit of Japanese). Or head to a branch of famous chains like Bear Hug, Raffine (Japanese only) and Temomin (Japanese only).

Whatever you decide to do on Christmas day, remember, you can have a blast even by yourself!

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