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TOM's Top 3 Favorite Japanese Snacks!


With Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas all in a row, we just can’t help but get in the mood for snacking! This time out, we’d like to share our Top 3 favorite Japanese snacks!

3. Adzuki Caramel Candy

3. Adzuki Caramel Candy!-TOM-Staff-Reviews

This seriously tastes like adzuki (red bean)! The taste of red bean is present from the moment you put it in your mouth. Thanks to the adzuki flavor, the caramel isn't overly saccharine. If you’re looking for a soft candy with a gentle sweetness that's the flavor of Japan, this is it!

2. Strawberry Pocky

2. Strawberry Pocky!-TOM-Staff-Reviews

We’d be up for some Strawberry Pocky any day. It’s the sweet and acidic flavor of strawberry combined with the simplicity of Pocky. We can never get over how Pocky is so perfectly designed for snacking on the go. It also goes well with other treats, like ice cream! Give it a try!

1. Galbo Mini

1. Galbo Mini!-TOM-Staff-Reviews

To each their own, but to us, this is the most desirable chocolate in the world. Pick one up to find a special chocolate coating that doesn’t melt all over your hand, and bite into it to reveal a chocolaty cookie texture on the inside. Galbo goes great with hot coffee, so the approaching winter season really has us craving Galbo right about now. Definitely the best chocolate snack on our list! Look how pretty the packaging on the inside is, too!

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