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Sailor Moon as Office Lady in New Commercial

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Sailor Moon is constantly appearing in different collaborations and events, and the latest are promotional videos for a delicious-looking energy drink called Chocola BB Joma, featuring voice-acting by none other than the legendary voice of Usagi herself, Mitsuishi Kotono. Sailor Moon looks super professional and stylish in her suit in these commercials!

The “Joma” in the drink’s name is actually a reference to the Japanese word majo (meaning “witch”) because it’s supposed to give you superhuman abilities! It uses low-calorie ingredients like arginine, ginseng extract, guarana extract and caffeine for a boost of energy and refreshing taste, which makes it an awesome choice when you need to be perked up.

It makes sense as a drink-of-choice for Usagi when she gets worn out after fighting evil but still hasn’t done her homework! (Or, knowing Usagi, when she wants to finish the last couple chapters of her favorite manga and it’s getting late, or she’s pulling a last-minute study session for a test she forgot about!)