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5 Cute Kumamiki Halloween Makeup Tutorials

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Halloween is truly picking up in Japan and YouTube communities are definitely on top of the trend. One person combining the Halloween festivities with fashion-forward makeup tutorials is vblogger Kumamiki. Check out five of her great tutorial videos to get you ready for your next Halloween party.

5. A Despicable Disguise

Can't get enough of the Minions? This video will teach you how to make your Halloween absolutely "despicable!"

4. Halloween Sugar Skull Makeup

Being undead doesn't mean you can't be the life of any Halloween party! This sweet skull makeup tutorial will ensure you're the most glamorous ghoul there!

3. Dead Divas

In 2015, one of the more popular Halloween makeup themes seen around Tokyo's Shibuya neighborhood is based on the Mexican festival Día de Muertos, or Day of the Dead. This holiday corresponds with the same timing as Halloween, so why not celebrate both with this cute makeup.

2. Shironuri Kawaii Makeup

Although white face paint is not a new concept in Japan (such as kabuki) Shironuri, which means "painted in white," is a modern fashion style pioneered by a fashionista named Minori. The painted white face contrasts starkly with colorful outfits, and now you too can replicate this effect for Halloween.

1. Apply The Force

While there are more recent Star Wars movies out there, the incredible makeup effects of the Darth Maul character are still epic! And thanks to this tutorial, you can channel your inner darkside in true red and black style.

Kumamiki has several other tutorials on her YouTube account so follow the link below and get ready for your best Halloween yet!