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5 Places Too Perfect Not to Take a Picture!

| Ryokan , Hakone-Yugawara

Yugawara Onsen is a famous hot spring area located close to Tokyo where you can find lots of ryokan, or Japanese-style inns. Some of them are so beautiful, you'll want to snap a picture and post it on social media as soon as possible. We'll be introducing five ryokan in the area that are fun just to be in!

1.The Ryokan Tokyo Yugawara

The Ryokan Tokyo Yugawara, considering itself a "low-cost carrier" ryokan, sports a magnificent design and décor that brings to mind some of Japan’s most iconic views. The entrance will remind travelers of Kyoto’s Fushimi Inari Shrine, with its series of red torii gates, and the halls are full of splendid imagery that's perfect for taking pictures. In fact, the establishment even encourages cosplaying!

2. Seiranso

The outdoor bath, with its view of a waterfall, is extraordinary! The charms of this hot spring differ during the day and at night, so be sure to experience both. A lot of people like to post pictures of the bridge visible from the bath to Instagram. This is a welcoming ryokan popular with families who want to bring along babies and young children.

3. Hotel Akane

The views of the town, sea and mountains from Hotel Akane's high ground location are superb. Watching the Shinkansen and trains go by below is very popular. Welcome to a warm ryokan where you can enjoy your evening and morning meals from the comfort of your own room.

- (Japanese)

4. Ootaki Hotel

Ootaki Hotel is a ryokan located adjacent to Fudotaki, a gorgeous waterfall in the Yugawara Onsen area. They also have a mixed bathing outdoor bath that you can enter with a swimsuit on. You'll find a ramp and a wheelchair-accessible elevator at the entrance on the first floor, so it's possible to access guest rooms in a wheelchair. Ootaki Hotel even has a heated swimming pool and tennis courts open year-round.

5. Green Sou

Although there are only five cozy rooms, this is a ryokan overflowing with warm hospitality. Not to mention, the delicious roast beef is very popular. Staying here, you'll feel like you've come home. And when you're needing recreation, mahjong and karaoke are also available.

- (Japanese)