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Virtual Reality Made Real in Odaiba

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After the success of the VR Zone Project iCan in Odaiba and Sky Circus in Ikebukuro, Tokyo Joypolis is host to the next virtual reality attraction in Tokyo with two very different games: Zero Latency and VR Living Dolls.

In the video above, take a peek into Zero Latency, which has six players donning headsets, backpacks and “weapons” in order to shoot zombies in a open-area game set in a “warehouse-scale” VR world. The installation opened on July 23, 2016, and costs ¥1,800 in addition to the cost of admission into Joypolis itself (¥800 for basic admission; more with rides). Due to high demand, reservations are required!

For more information on both games, including the domestically created and very creepy VR Living Dolls, click on the link to Japan Trends below.

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