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Get a Good Whiff of Sakura-Infused Beer

Alcohol Beer J-Pop Cherry Blossoms Video

Every year, sakura season in Japan comes paired with cherry blossom viewing parties and picnics filled with finger foods and alcoholic beverages. And almost every retailer goes out of its way to cash in on the cherry blossom craze—especially the nation's top beer makers.

Ichiban Shibori, the "prime brew" of manufacturer Kirin, might possibly have created the gaudiest design yet with cans completely covered in pink petals. On top of the seasonal rebranding, the company is also giving customers a chance to enter various free giveaways, with prizes ranging from a blasé pink vase to a so-called "aroma beer presser." Similar to making French press coffee, beer drinkers place the flavoring bag in their beer and then use the presser to create a new, fragrant beer drink.

Brand ambassador Arashi can be seen in the video above sharing smiles as they try it out They loudly proclaim the beer's flavor becomes suppai (sour) after using the press. We'll let you decide if that's a good thing or not.

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