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4 Great Igari-Style Makeup Tutorials

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With Igari-style makeup, the main focus is the eyes, which stand out due to bright blush applied on an otherwise neutral face. Since many Japanese people flush after consuming alcohol, it's also called “Hangover Makeup” and allegedly causes others to feel protective of the ‘vulnerable’ wearer. These four tutorials show how to achieve the look.

4. Baby-Faced Igari Tutorial

Australian makeup aficionado Wengie provides an in-depth explanation of the style and a thorough tutorial in her video. Her take is that the look was inspired by the dewy, flushed skin of light-skinned Caucasian babies, but the results are very similar to “Hangover Makeup.”

3. Conservative Igari Style Tutorial

One of the beauty gurus at GodMake takes a more conservative approach and highlights how the style can be toned down for more practical daily wear.

2. Igari Style for Caucasian Tones

Dutch vlogger Sissel AB has a whole slew of makeup tutorials, but her Igari makeup one is easy to follow and a good example of how the style looks on Caucasians.

Side note: No, she isn’t wearing color contacts!

1. Igari Makeup for Deep/Dark Skin Tones

As YouTuber KimaMuze says, a beauty trend originating from a homogeneous society such as Japan isn’t expected to work as-is with every skin type. Nevertheless, she creates her own successful twist on the Igari style and proves anyone can wear it and look gorgeous.