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4 Best Burgers in Hyogo

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Home to Kobe and its eponymous beef, Hyogo Prefecture restaurateurs have direct access to the country's arguably most delicious meat—but many have branched out to craft a different type of culinary experience. When you're in the area but don't feel like shelling out top yen for fine dining, we've got a few fan-favorite burgers to recommend.

4. Akamatsu Stewed Pork Burger

Winner of the 2011 Western Japan Service Area Burger Contest (yes, there really is such a thing!), this burger packs a punch in terms of flavor! A fact that has earned it the nickname "King of the Highway Burgers." Layered between bun halves made from locally sourced rice flour is a stewed pork burger patty, topped with boiled egg, threads of dried chili pepper, and thinly sliced onion. It's only available at the at the in-bound Akamatsu Service and Parking Area on the Chugoku Expressway, so plan your drive around Hyogo carefully!

3. Kobe Gavly Burgers

This grill house makes their burger patties from the famous Kobe Beef we were talking about earlier. They've shaken up the foodie world previously by allowing customers to choose two different meat mini patties for their burger, and offering foie gras as a topping. Some of their more basic fares include an avocado burger, a cheddar cheese burger and a "Moon Viewing" burger that comes with a sunny-side up egg as a topping.

2. Awajishima Burger

Taking second place in the 2014 National Burger Grand Prix, the Awajishima Burger's secret to success is said to be the inclusion of locally grown Awaji onions—which fans say lack the sharp bite of your average onion. If you really want to sample the local bulb, have a fried onion burger! It's a thick slice of fried onion, topped with delicious shreds of beef.

1. Tatsuno Burger

The Tatsuno Burger by Kitchen Sansara is another pork patty burger that uses locally sourced ingredients wherever possible, including pesticide-free baby leaf greens. The pork burger is sandwiched between buns baked with a blend of wheat and black rice flour, and is topped with a soy and mayonnaise sauce.