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Japanese Baker Reveals Beautiful Bread Art

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Feeling hungry? We hope not, because if you are, this delicious bread baked by Instagram user @konel_bread is sure to have your stomach growling!

Using a combination of all-natural ingredients, this talented creator colors beautiful and intricate illustrations for loaves that are as cute as they are delicious! See another example in the video below!

Yum! This baker’s talent extends beyond fruity and floral patterns, though. If you’re more into stylish animal prints, take a look at these slices, too!

Who doesn't love lemon loaves?

Or kiwi loaves?

Hey, that's Keroppi!

Here’s one last treat before we let you go find the nearest bakery! Can you tell which famous pup this is?

If you can’t get enough, go see some more Konel Bread on Instagram and Facebook!