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The Best Food around Tsukiji Fish Market!

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Tsukiji is one of the best places in Tokyo for fresh seafood and sushi. Many locals know this. But do you think people working at Tsukiji Fish Market eat sushi every day for themselves? C’mon! Tsukiji can be a great place to try casual dining and enjoy other great dishes apart from sushi! Find out more!

10. Seafood restaurant: Aozora Sandaime

Aozora Sandaime is a seafood restaurant located in Tsukiji Outer Market. Among the many seafood and sushi restaurants in Tsukiji, Aozora Sandaime serves some of the highest quality dishes you cannot enjoy elsewhere.

One of the best dishes on the menu there is the Tsukiji Saikyou Aburidon, a donburi (Japanese rice dish with ingredients on top) with well-seared fatty tuna and splendid alfonsino fish on top. The freshly caught fish together with fantastic Japanese rice and gravy create an amazing harmony. You can top the donburi with wasabi too!

There are two branches of Aozora Sandaime in the Tsukiji Outer Market area. Compared to the luxurious Aozora Sandaime introduced here, the other shop - Aozora Sandaime Hafu - is a slightly cheaper choice.

9. Ramen noodles from Inoue

Inoue is one of the most famous shops in the Tsukiji Market area and it was even mentioned by The New York Times before. The world-famous noodle stall has a never-fading queue and more than 1,000 bowls are sold each day. The most honourable thing about Inoue is that is only has one dish on the menu: the Chuka Soba (Chinese soba noodle). The cooks rapidly but delicately prepare about 8 to 9 bowls of Chuka Soba at once, and the harmony of the chewy noodles and char siu (roasted pork meat), together with the tonkotsu (pork bone) broth is amazing!

8. Pork cutlets at Tonkatsu Yachiyo

Tsukiji Market is famous for seafood and sushi restaurants. However, it has more to offer and Tonkatsu Yachiyo is one of the stores that you have to visit either for breakfast or lunch. It opens as early as 5 am and closes by 1 pm.

Although tonkatsu means pork cutlet in Japanese, Tonkatsu Yachiyo is famous not just for the pork cutlets but also for fried seafood such as fish, scallops, and shrimps. The soft and fresh seafood coated by the crisps are marvellous. If you visit Tonkatsu Yachiyo on Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday, the exclusive char siu egg, roasted pork meat together with fried eggs, can also be enjoyed. You can choose to pour some curry over the char siu egg to enjoy the symphony of sweet char siu and spicy curry sauce!

7. Grilled seafood at Tsukiji Maguro no Miyako

Seafood such as scallops and sea urchin can be enjoyed at Tsukiji Maguro no Miyako found in Tsukiji Outer Market. The stall handles various seafood according to the seasons and will grill them for you on the spot. The fresh seafood can even be enjoyed raw and this is one of the great stalls you can visit for finger food while exploring the market.

6. Omelette on a stick at Yamacho

One of the famous walk-and-eat foods in Tsukiji is the tamagoyaki - egg omelette. Yamacho, located in Tsukiji Outer Market, is one of the shops where you can enjoy the kushitama - tamagoyaki on a stick. The sweetness of the tamagoyaki is accentuated by the grated radish, and the best part about it is that it only costs 100 JPY(0.95 USD) per stick!

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