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Make these 2 Classic Japanese Burgers at Home

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Why head out to a chain burger shop when you can one-up them all right at home? Nami at Just One Cookbook has some great recommendations for how to make these classic Japanese burgers in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Ebi Katsu Burger

An ebi katsu burger—or shrimp cutlet burger—is based on a shrimp patty covered in panko breadcrumbs and deep-fried. It's sort of like a shrimp version of tonkatsu, quite tasty with tartar sauce and shredded cabbage. You'll often find them at Japanese burger chains like MOS Burger and Lotteria. Click below to learn how to make a next-level version that's not deep fried, but baked!

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Teriyaki Burger

You won't see that many teriyaki burgers in Japan, though they are classic menu items at McDonald's and MOS Burger. This version features a bonus slice of pineapple and some homemade teriyaki sauce, not to mention tomato, black pepper, and some nice chunks of cheddar cheese. Check out the recipe below!

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