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Hydrophobic Brollies Make Light of Heavy Rain

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As soon as the heavens open in Japan, umbrella racks appear outside shops, along with disposable plastic umbrella sheathes that you use while inside a building to stop your umbrella from dripping all over the floor. In fact, the whole rigmarole of sheathing your umbrella, shopping, disposing of the used, soggy plastic sock filled with water in one of the provided bins, going outside and repeating the process in the next shop can be extremely annoying.

Which is why the company Unnurella is selling two types of hydrophobic umbrella: the regular kind, which is priced at ¥4,800 (US$43), and a folding type for ¥5,500 (US$49). Check out the commercial to see just how water-resistant they are!

Even though they repel more water than a regular umbrella, we wouldn't recommend taking one out during a typhoon, though.

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