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The Many Faces of the Sasebo Burger

| Burgers , Nagasaki

Shops Dotted Around Sasebo

Shops Dotted Around Sasebo

You can find Sasebo Burger shops in various places around the city. The patrons at Hamburger Shop Hikari range all the way from children to senior citizens.

Taking in a bit of atmosphere in the shop might just help bring out the flavor of your burger!

If you'd like to shop around, keep an eye out for Burger Boy—you'll find him in front of each restaurant offering Sasebo Burgers.

Your chosen shop might even offer instructions on how to manage your massive burger bun—another common feature of a Sasebo Burger. Every establishment will be more than welcoming of patrons new to the Sasebo Burger experience.

You can even get a Sasebo Burger map directing you to the 24 different shops in Sasebo. Why not have fun experimenting with all the different flavors available? It's sure to be a satisfying experience!