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The Many Faces of the Sasebo Burger

| Burgers , Nagasaki

As Many Tastes as there are Shops

As Many Tastes as there are Shops

The recipe and ingredients for a Sasebo Burger will vary from shop to shop. The above breakdown of the Special Burger at Hamburger Shop Hikari (¥590) serves as a good starting example.

But you can also find the Fukkoku Burger (復刻バーガー), or Reissue Burger, which is a reconstruction of what Sasebo Burgers were like when they were first created. These burgers are made not using a beef patty, but using boned rib. You can get the one above in the restaurant at Hotel Resol Sasebo.

Or you can just get a Sasebo Burger for takeout, like this Special Burger (¥880) from Log Kit.

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