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Udon in Takamatsu

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Takamatsu is one of Shikoku's largest cities—and one of Japan's udon capitals. Udon, or thick wheat flour noodles, come in a wide variety of flavors, and make for a delicious, budget-friendly meal. The Kagawa Prefecture variety is known as Sanuki udon, where Sanuki is the old name of Kagawa. Get a taste at these three shops!

3. Udon Honjin Yamadaya

With its pretty garden setting and traditional wooden architecture, Udon Honjin Yamadaya is a supremely atmospheric place to stop for a meal. It serves up a number of different udon dishes, and you can take home bundles of uncooked noodles as a souvenir!

2. Chikusei

Lines for this simple yet tasty udon shop often extend down the street. Chikusei is a self-serve style shop serving up bowls of noodles with some fun twists. Be sure to add a tempura egg, a signature Chikusei touch, to your serving. In recent years, the shop has added English-language signage to accommodate foreign visitors.

1. Waraya

Waraya set up shop in an old, thatch-roofed Edo Period (1603-1868) house, and there it has remained for its long history. Visitors can enjoy the rustic setting while chowing down on Waraya's classic kazoku, or family, udon. The noodles come in a hefty wooden tub, from which guests pluck them up and dip them in a soup that's served on the side.