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This Lawson Station is an Actual Station!

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This Lawson Station is an Actual Station!

While Lawson convenience stores are usually called Lawson Station, this store in Gifu Prefecture takes the name literally!

Sekiguchi Station

Sekiguchi Station

Sekiguchi Station stands in Seki City, which is in south-central Gifu. While the platform is separated by a barrier, you can see the station sign in kanji at the top left of the image above.

That's right—the station is actually a part of the Lawson store!

This is the "official" sign by the tracks, indicating the neighboring stations as well.

Sekiguchi Station is on the Etsumi-Nan Line, which is run by third-sector operator Nagaragawa Railway (Nagaragawa Testsudo). The line runs between Mino-Ota Station in Minokamo City and Hokuno Station in Gujo City to the north.

The station-inside-a-Lawson-Station was opened August 23, 2013, when it replaced the former wooden station building (above).

The station space is actually rented out to the railway company by Lawson. It's particularly lovely in early spring when the cherry blossoms bloom!

The station part of the store includes 18 seats and a counter area.

Trains come by about once or twice an hour, offering plenty of time to browse the aisles.

Sekiguchi Station is located close to Asahigaoka Junior High School, Elementary School and Kindergarten, as well as Gifu Prefectural Seki High School. It's also not far from Seki-Zenkoji Temple (above)—though it 's actually closer if you get off at Seki Station, the next stop after Hamanokaikan-Mae.

On the other hand, if you'd like to see a Lawson that's not a station but an actual train, take a look here!