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Our 4 Favorite Bento Channels

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Perhaps one of the most unique aspects of Japanese dining is the selection of bento boxes lovingly crafted my mothers (and others!) across the country. A well-done bento is truly a work of art, and a number of English-language YouTube channels have sprung up with the hope of teaching folks easy techniques for preparing a unique and tasty box.

4. Cooking with Dog

Cooking with Dog is a Japanese cooking show hosted by a poodle named Francis and an unnamed Japanese chef. They carefully walk you through the entire cooking process and even post short, informative videos about Japanese food culture. While the bento may not be as flashy as some, the videos sure are charming, and best of all, it’s easy for anyone to prepare these recipes.

3. BraLadyJapan

Who would think to make tiny elephants out of sausage and spaghetti? BraLady would! Her recipes are fairly easy once you realize how they’re created, and she offers a plethora of different bento-making techniques to help you up your lunchbox game. Whether you want to learn how to create an octopus out of sausage, or if you want to go for a bigger challenge and build a Final Fantasy or Hello Kitty-themed bento, BraLady has something for everyone.

2. Ochikeron

Ochikeron is a fine example of just how much of an artformbento-making can become. Drawing from popular culture and just genuine cuteness, she creates some truly impressive lunch boxes. While these bento take a bit more effort, it’s fun to see what boundless creativity can accomplish simply with rice, eggs and veggies.

1. Okaeri Recipe Channel

The Okaeri Recipe Channel focuses on character-themed bento boxes and gorgeous desserts. The lunchboxes offer edible representations of Dragon Ball, Attack on Titan and Disney characters, to name just a few. The bento tutorials offer no verbal instruction, but seeing as how preparing them is relatively simple, you’ll be ready to go try them for yourself right away!