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Fukuoka Firefighters Have Ninja-Style Skills

Ninja Video Fukuoka

Super fast, this group of heroes is none other than the firefighters of the Kasuya Hokubu Fire Department in Koga City, Fukuoka Prefecture—not to be confused with Koka City in Shiga Prefecture, one of Japan's historical hubs of ninja activity. But watching the video of this fire rescue training exercise, it might be easy to confuse the two, because these firefighters' exploits are easily on a par with those other Japanese masters of speed and technical ability!

Speeding through tiny tunnels, not just by themselves, but with another firefighter pulled behind them—backward—the opening scene is a superhero-like blur of motion completed in a mind-blowing 30 seconds! Running nearly four minutes, this video shows off many similar, super-speedy, seemingly impossible tasks that highlight the amazing abilities of this firefighting troop. Check out the video to catch them—if you can!