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5 Freelance Language Teaching Sites

| Teaching English

As a freelance teacher, you have no boss and your schedule's an open plan that you design according to your and your students' needs. Simply decide on the kind of lessons you want to teach and work from the comfort of your local café! But for those having trouble finding students, there are a few matching sites online to help get the ball rolling.

5. Enjoy Lessons

Enjoy Lessons boasts over 50,000 members on its landing page and over 9,000 teachers, marking it as a heavyweight in the freelance teaching business. According to the site, in addition to English, it has also helped connect students looking to learn Chinese, Korean, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Polish, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Turkish, Javanese, Vietnamese, Burmese, Thai, Hindi, Arabic and Persian. So being multilingual can broaden your chances to find consistent students!

4. Eigo Pass

Eigo Pass is aimed specifically at students seeking to learn English, which separates it from other sites offering their services in a variety of languages. However, what makes the site remarkable is that a staff member will be present to introduce you to prospective students. This eases tension on all sides and ensures a safe, friendly first meeting.

3. Orangutan Japan

Orangutan Japan is another popular site to connect language students and teachers, offering the option to teach English or other languages such as French or Spanish. This site also features an especially clever way to promote its teachers, giving them the opportunity to post a two-minute video lesson. While the site offers a scant ¥1,000 per video posted, the publicity created by uploading a sample video can help attract prospective students.

2. Find Students

At No. 2 on our list is Find Students, an easy-to-use site with a friendly landing page featuring people from all over the world who teach not only English lessons, but French, German, Italian, Korean, Spanish and Chinese. Registration for teachers is totally free; all you need to do is add your details and wait for students to contact you.

1. Hello Sensei

At the top of our list is Hello Sensei, which is one of the best-known matching sites for English teachers and students. The site uses a very simple interface that boasts a registration time of only 10-15 minutes. It also allows a wide variety of options to customize your profile, ensuring you only teach the types of lessons you want. With a hefty database of students on file, this site is sure to provide you with a constant and steady stream of pupils.