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The Meaning of Life & the Ninja Spirit

Ninja Video

This TEDx video provides a wonderful insight into the teachings and practices of ninjutsu, the technique of concealment and disguise used by Japan's infamous ninja. Opening with an intriguing performance resembling a religious ceremony, Jinichi Kawakami—who claims to be "true" ninjutsu's last heir—presents a very different image of ninja in comparison to the Hollywood version that the world has come to know and believe!

Instead, Kawakami portrays ninja as groups of regular people in ancient times who sought to defend small groups of people from the oppression of larger, more powerful ones by relying on religious principles, martial arts and tactics together with medical research! To find out just how, watch the video above!

Kawakami highlights ninja techniques by using a variety of photos and on-stage demonstrations, the latter including throwing modified needles at a door and also the use of a smoke-bomb that allows him to disappear.

Check out the video above to find out everything you could ever want to know about ninja—in addition to finding out exactly what the ninja meaning of life really is!