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Onsen Trivia: Highest, Hottest & Healthiest

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Have you ever wondered which prefecture has the most hot springs or the largest output of hot water? Based on a list of onsen trivia compiled by the informative Japanese website Nanapi, we bring you fun facts about Japanese hot springs!

Oita Prefecture has the most hot spring sources in all of Japan, with 4,788 registered. Kagoshima is in a distant second place with 2,824, and Hokkaido in the far north comes in third with 2,304.

As you might expect, Oita also has the most output of hot water, with 296 kiloliters per minute. Oddly enough, Hokkaido comes in second here with 260 kiloliters per minute, followed by Kagoshima with 201 kiloliters per minute.

As for the largest number of hot spring spas, or onsen, in Japan, Hokkaido takes first place with 254 facilities. Nagano comes in second with 231, and Niigata comes in a distant third place with 150.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, the prefecture with the fewest hot springs is Okinawa, followed by Tokyo’s neighbor, Saitama Prefecture.

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