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6 Häagen-Dazs Flavors Exclusive to Japan

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Häagen-Dazs is renowned for great ice cream with a rich flavor, and you can find it just about anywhere in Japan, from supermarkets to convenience stores. So it's no surprise Häagen-Dazs has made more than a few flavors for Japan only, with a lineup that mixes classic Japanese tastes with the famous ice cream brand!

6. Matcha, Kinako & Kuromitsu

This is matcha ice cream mixed with sweetened milk ice cream, featuring a dusting of bean powder called kinako and a swirl of kuromitsu, a kind of brown sugar syrup. The sweetness of the milk and the bitter edge of the matcha make for a perfect match!

5. Kinoko & Kuromitsu

While it might sound similar, this is different from the first one: this time we have kinako-flavored ice cream with a kuromitsu sauce. This is another great combination that reimagines ice cream as a classic Japanese dessert.

4. Japanese Chestnut & Adzuki

Japanese chestnuts are a little different from Chinese and Western chestnuts, having a sweet smell and taste. This combination with red adzuki beans will make you fall in love with the taste!

3.Vanilla & Kinako Kuromitsu

The base flavor here is vanilla, but imagine it accentuated with red bean sauce then again with kinako-flavored kuromitsu. This miracle combination is available only in Japan!

2. Strawberry & Adzuki

Strawberry ice cream with strawberry mixed inside makes this selection satisfyingly crunchy and sweet. The milky base and red adzuki beans bring out the Japanese-style sweetness.

1. Mitarashi & Walnut

This ice cream is the record-holder for sales, selling so quickly that they had to take it off the shelves for a while. Milk ice cream is combined with a scent of crushed walnuts and a soy-based mitarashi sauce, which you'll normally find on skewers of sweet mitarashi dango. And on top you'll find the whole thing crowned with a slice of mochi pounded rice cake!