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3 Fantastic Skincare Items from the Wonder 500

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These three fantastic skincare Items will prove a wonderful addition to your personal care collection. These products have all been selected for The Wonder 500, a list compiled by Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) to showcase 500 of Japan's products, each chosen by one of 30 expert producers and the voting public.

3. Moisturizing Hot Spring Mist

Matsunoyama Onsen is one of Japan’s top three yakuto—hot springs that are believed to have therapeutic effects. It is said to have been formed about 12 million years ago when fossilized seawater bubbled up. Matsunoyama Onsen Mist is made only from the hot spring source and water. Naturally moisturizing ingredients such as metasilicic acid lend a glow and moisture to the skin, and also have the effect of removing dirt and old keratin. Today, as traditional natural Asian and Middle Eastern cosmetics are again being recognized, this product shows the true value of a Japanese hot spring.

From Producer Yoshiaki Takazawa
"Although this onsen (hot spring) village has a long history, since it is still a relative secret due to its location deep in the mountains, with only a few people aware of its existence!

"The hot spring water is amazing in that it is composed of 15 times the ingredients necessary to meet the criteria for being recognized as an onsen. It is these ingredients that have been used to make this safe moisturizer free of chemicals or additives. This unique Japanese cosmetic makes one feel the power of a world-class medicinal spring water."

2. 50+ Outdoor UV Sunscreen

This excellent product blocks UV rays without hurting the skin even when spending long hours outdoors. Outdoor UV goes on smoothly, has a refreshing fragrance, and is convenient due to its easy-to-carry size. Peppermint and eucalyptus are essential oils that keep bugs at bay, so it truly kills two birds with one stone. This new kind of sunscreen is gentle to the body, pleasant, and easy to use.

From Producer Shinichiro Nakahara
"The sunscreen offers several advantages. Not only is this stick type light and easy to use, but it is also non-sticky and goes on smoothly. The package design featuring a bear is charming. This makes for a great souvenir to give to friends overseas."

1. Shaving, Hand & Leg Cream

Honey shaving cream contains an abundance of raw honey produced in Japan. Even though it's called shaving cream, it's also good for hands and legs, and it's pretty good anywhere on your body. It has a mild fragrance that applies smoothly, making it suitable for both men and women of any age.

Manufacturer Hoken Co., Ltd. has a lot of experience in the business with 88 years under its belt. Its founder was a bee researcher who developed the skin cream after studying honey and discovering the moisture-retaining effects of honey and royal jelly. The proven and highly trusted products from Hoken have continued to moisturize the skin of Japanese people, and have even been ordered by the Imperial Family. Furthermore, the classic package design featuring the honey bee makes an excellent gift. The long-selling product is still produced using the same manufacturing method as when it was first launched.