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The Best of Japanese Drugstore Beauty

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It's not an uncommon sight to see visitors from overseas stocking up on beauty and health products at drugstores in Japan. Indeed, throughout the rest of the world, Japanese drugstores have a great reputation for their high quality—and inexpensive—beauty products!

Japanese drugstores are usually packed with products, and it can be a bit overwhelming if you don't know where to begin. Luckily, these girls have already done the hard part for you! Check out these videos of the best in Japanese drugstore beauty so you'll know exactly what to stock up on during your next trip to the store!

5. Japanese Drugstore

This video from Kanadajin3 is a great general overview because it literally takes you into a Japanese drugstore and offers a tour around what a typical drugstore in Japan looks like. Mira also provides a very detailed explanation of a lot of the products commonly available in Japanese drugstores. It's not so much beauty-exclusive, but it provides a good grounding!

4. Japan Beauty Haul

Skip ahead to around the two-minute mark to see this bucketload of Japanese drugstore beauty products (briefly interrupted by a cute dog), as well as a review and small demonstration of how to use a few of them.

3. Drugstore Top 10

This video from Melodee Morita is bilingual (great for people practicing their language skills—but she talks fast!), and is also very informative regarding each recommended product, including ingredients and demos for how to use each one!

2. Japanese Drugstore Beauty Favorites

Melodee Morita actually did two Japanese drugstore beauty products videos, both equally informative (and equally fast!) and helpful for people who are curious about Japanese drugstore products, but not sure where to begin.

1. 10 Fav Japanese Makeup

In this video, Kim Dao (see more on her here!) produces a very clear list of her top 10 Japanese drugstore beauty picks, as well as a thorough explanation of how to use each product, making this video a great resource for anyone who doesn't know where to start when entering a Japanese drugstore.