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Get KitchHike Coupons!

KitchHike is an online platform that connects travelers (or "hikers") across the globe who want to experience authentic cuisine prepared by local residents in their travel destinations. As an added bonus, KitchHike is giving out promotional coupons to hikers visiting Japan!

Taking advantage of these promotional coupons will allow hikers to get more out of their dining experience during their travels. They'll get to meet new and interesting people, catch a glimpse of the local Japanese culture, and establish and expand their personal network of friends and acquaintances.

The platform allows hikers to browse through a number of kitchens and menu options posted by KitchHike cooks, with each entry accompanied by descriptions and reviews from other hikers. Hikers can make a booking on any posting that matches their preferences before making arrangements with the cooks.

The promotion is in effect right now, so it's a great time to start making your travel plans!

Enriching the Experience

Enriching the Experience

KitchHike continues to look to the future with more plans and projects in place. With the 2020 Olympics gradually approaching, KitchHike has plans to start culinary classrooms and speciality cuisine forums for visitors coming to Japan. Starting such classrooms and forums will hopefully further improve, grow, and maintain KichHike's services over a long period of time. Moreover, KitchHike aims to expand and increase its number of cooks in 33 countries around the world.

The KitcHike community is the largest of its type, with Japanese people inviting foreign visitors into their homes to eat authentic Japanese meals!

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