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On February 1, VIART Inc. launched an online shopping service for digital images of Japanese calligraphy. Brushstock. offers almost 13,000 calligraphy motif products designed by professional calligraphers.

These include a vast array of nouns, verbs and adjectives, as well as traditional and modern Japanese wordings and design art such as lines, circles, frames and symbols. The products are usable in vector (EPS) JPEG and PNG data formats.

The price depends on the size, available in small (US$1.00), medium (US$5.00), large (US$8.00) and free size (US$10.00). Credit cards and PayPal are accepted for payment.

Brushstock. is great for web pages, advertisements, magazines, leaflets, product packages, tattoo designs, sticker designs and wall art designs with a taste of Japan. Hot items on the site include selective single kanji derived from more than 30 combinations, and foreign names in kanji and katakana written with calligraphy motifs.

Alongside its wide array of calligraphy motif products, VIART has simultaneously opened brushstock. blog, mainly focusing on calligraphy video-learning content available on YouTube, where you can learn the meaning of kKanji, the stroke order, and tips for successful writing. The blog is also scheduled to add much more content with the aim of making it a worldwide platform of calligraphy video content.

VIART plans to expand its line of products, upgrade the user interface, improve the accuracy of the multilingual environment and expand overall content, as well as enhancing video content and providing physical products along with the current digital offerings.

Founded in 2014, VIART is an online shopping service with a wide selection of Japanese calligraphy works. The site also offers calligraphy video-learning content for enthusiasts from foreign countries in the hope of sharing the brilliance of Japanese culture with people worldwide.

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Ryosuke Ujihara, VIART Inc.

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* In addition to Japanese and English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Russia, Chinese (simplified & traditional) and Hangul are also available.