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Line Stickers from Hand-Drawn Illustrations

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Line Stickers from Hand-Drawn Illustrations

Live2Love Japan Inc. has released Shuttle Sticker, a simple iPhone app for making Line Creators Stickers from hand-drawn illustrations. You don't need a scanner, PC, or image editing software at all. You can create application files for Line Creators Stickers with just this app!


With just an illustration drawn on paper and your iPhone, you can create application files for Line Creators Stickers. It's as simple as snapping a photo with your iPhone and performing a few taps, so anyone can use it. You can make stickers in less than a tenth of the time it used to take!

The resulting images look better than regular photos. You can make beautiful sticker images with color copier quality instantly from illustrations photographed with your iPhone with functions like color correction, background transparency, and image downscaling.

Submit Images As-is
PNG files created with this app can be submitted as they are to Line Creators Market.



In recent years, more and more people have been having fun creating stickers for Line. However, creating a sticker may require utilization of a scanner, Photoshop, Illustrator, or other image editing tools. In addition, representing the traditional feeling of an illustration with Photoshop requires a certain amount of knowledge and experience. However, there's no need for such tools with Shuttle Sticker. You can create stickers without losing the traditional flavor of a hand-drawn illustration in the easiest way possible.

App Details

App Details

App Name: Shuttle Sticker for Line creators
Price: Free (contains in-app purchases)
Category: Photo & Video
App Store:

Sample Line Stickers created using Shuttle Sticker:

Yuichi Otani