All About Japan

A Very Hidali Christmas

How exactly do you take six synchronized dancers and create a Merry Christmas greeting? Here's how!

Sweet Santa Strawberry Treats

Cut out Santa's cookies this year and try making these quick strawberry cuts that bear a striking resemblance to Kris Kringle.

Whose Name?

A new anime film directed by Makoto Shinkai is set for release in August 2016—and it's simply gorgeous!

Thomas the Post-Apocalyptic Tank Engine

A Japanese sculptor and model-maker going by the name Y Nakajima hacked the multi-legged Combat Creature toy to give birth to this laser-shooting, post-apocalyptic monstrosity.

'Jingle Bells' in Japanese!

Did you know that 'Jingle Bells' also exists in Japanese? Here you can find it with the Japanese both romanized and translated into English!

8 Reasons to Live in the Japanese Countryside

From the quiet to the space to the cheaper price of pretty much everything—not to mention better air and access to outdoor activities—there are plenty of great reasons to love the countryside!

5 Cool Things to Do in Saitama

From forest adventures to illuminated walls of ice, there's plenty to see and do.

USJ's Christmas Parade

This year's Christmas parade at Universal Studios Japan features 200 little children dressed as Santa and the Minions.

Unsheathe Your Keyblade

The first official trailer for Kingdom Hearts 2.8 has just been released, containing long-awaited footage of Kingdom Hearts III gameplay!

Interview with Chibatman!

Villians of Chiba beware: there 's a new crime fighter in town!

Tokyo Girls' Style: 1st Best Album Review

Also known as Tokyo Joshiryu, since 2010 this vocal and dance group has delivered a string of solid sophisti-pop, electronic, funk and disco-infused dance rhythms with heavy influences from '60s and '70s jazz, soul and pop.

Home Movies of Pre-War Hiroshima

This home movie from American Marlin D. Farnum offers a glimpse into ordinary citizens' lives in Hiroshima back before World War II.

FEMM to Release New EP & Physical Femm-Isation

Trance-heavy mannequin dance duo FEMM will make their full major label debut with a remix-loaded EP entitled PoW!/L.C.S. And it comes bundled with a second disc that includes the first non-digital version of their first album!

How to Eat Sushi Like a Pro!

Fumble with your fish no more: This minute-long video outlines the simple dos and don'ts of eating sushi!

Tokyo Midtown Illumination in 4K Video

Completed in 2007, Tokyo Midtown is a colossal urban center in Roppongi that includes a residential section, business offices, a huge shopping mall, a luxury hotel and other leisure areas.

Funassyi Screams for the Season

The "Singing Merry Christmas Funassyi" doll seems to scream more than sing, but he'll bring good cheer either way!

3 Awesome Ozoni Recipes

This special soup is usually only eaten one day of the year!

Video: 1,840 km of Japan in 14 Days

From Hiroshima to Nikko and all points in between, this four-minute video covers a whole lot of ground!

Building the &Tokyo Brand

The &Tokyo campaign aims to promote the city as one that constantly generates new styles while bringing tradition and innovation together.

A Primer on Christmas in Japan

From KFC and Christmas cakes to illumination and impending 'o-shogatsu,' YouTuber Mimei will walk you through the keys to the season.