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5 How-To Vids for Bakers on a Budget

Sweets Cheap Video ¥100 Bread

Your friends will never know the gourmet treats you just served used handy gadgets from the ¥100 store. Study the videos below, courtesy of YouTuber Bonobos25, to become a burgeoning budget baker!

1. Chocoblock Maker

If you're a fan of both rusk and chocolate, then this is the perfect tool for you. The kit comes with a convenient bowl to melt your chocolate in as well as an adorable porcupine-shaped tray with raised lines that allows your chocolatey bread to bake on all sides.

2. Chocolate Lollipops

This easy-to-use kit comes with a silicone tray featuring absolutely adorable animal faces. Although you have to provide the chocolate, many ¥100 shops will having baking chocolate (or regular chocolate) on hand for this purpose. While you're at it, make sure you pick up a chocolate pen to give your cute confections even more detail!

3. Waffles

Waffle makers can be expensive and take up quite a lot of space in tiny Tokyo kitchens. This handy little device allows you to make mini waffles in your microwave using all the same ingredients as a traditional waffle maker. You'll impress your guests within minutes with your scrumptious creations. And cleaning this gadget is much easier than the real deal!

4. Pudding

Pudding is a pretty simple dessert to make, but to make it beautiful, you need to shape it up. These handy molds will get your pudding into shape, and the ingenious release mechanism will allow it to slide out effortlessly. To kick it up a notch, try your hand at making caramel and whipped cream!

5. Chocolate Cornets

Cornets are pastry rolls shaped like ice cream cones and stuffed with cream. This kit is a little more high-tech than the others, using powders and gelatin to magically make dough and chocolate cream, but they're still quite simple and fun to make. These tools are great for teaching kids how to cook, and it's a great activity to do in the house together.

If you liked these easy-to-make creations, be sure to check out the other incredible instuctional videos at Bonobos25's channel below!