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Fall in Love with Mister Donut's V-Day Collab

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You may have heard about this year’s Valentine flavor lineup at Mister Donut, but you’re probably wondering just how delectable these Pierre Marcolini donuts are, right? Let's take a look inside the special "Mister Donut meets Pierre Marcolini" bags.

The box looks even fancier, slashed with fashionable shades of gray and black. Still, the cute heart logo is what really brings it all together. When our reporter Tasuku opened it, he felt like he was about to dig into a box of very sophisticated desserts. Each donut has its own separate display platform. If you’re planning to give this as a Valentine’s Day gift, you’ll want to save this secret ammo for later in the date.

Without further ado, let’s start with the reviews. Tasuku started with the fondant donuts that have a glob of delicious filling in the donut hole. The caramel one, for example, has a cocoa powder dusting and salty caramel filling.

Oh, and did we mention there’s a chocolate base for each fondant donut? Like, a literal chocolate base. It may look fancy on the outside, but the rich flavor of the chocolate and the sweetness of the caramel were familiar, down to earth, and delicious.

The “chocolat” fondant donut (fondonut?) has a chocolate filling nestled inside the chocolate donut and is sprinkled with bitter chocolate chunks. But fear not! Though it’s loaded with chocolate, Tasuku said it wasn’t overwhelmingly sweet. Perhaps it’s thanks to the cashew filling or the bitter chocolate flakes, but Tasuku had no problem downing this one.

Then he had the framboise donut. Framboise (or raspberry) sugar dusts the surface of the donut, and under all that pinkness is actually sweet white chocolate. From above, this donut looks like it only has framboise filling. However, it actually has an additional layer of chocolate cashew cream underneath! Tasuku thinks this will be the universal favorite.

Lastly, he had the hazelnut donut. Coated in white chocolate and stuffed with a creamy hazelnut and cashew filling, this is the simplest flavor and leaves you with the delectable and lingering scent of hazelnuts.

Now that the fondant chocolate donuts are out of the way, it’s time to introduce the heart-shaped Danish chocolates. These heart-shaped pastries use a chocolate Danish pastry-like dough and come in two flavors: framboise and hazelnut.

Inside the framboise one is – gasp! – framboise filling, along with a ganache whipped cream. The crispy pastry shell pairs well with the fluffy, creamy, and gooey filling. The hazelnut one had a ganache whipped cream filling as well as hazelnut cream. It was like a crispy, cocoa-like version of the fondant chocolate donut.

Overall, Tasuku thought all of the donuts were high-quality and definitely worth the trip to Mister Donut if you love sweets as much as he does. However, these are definitely popular, so he recommends grabbing them while you still have the chance! Maybe you can use some of your lucky bag donut tickets?

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