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Approximately 300,000 people climb Mount Fuji during the two-month climbing season in the summer. The mountain has many man-made facilities, such as lodges for hikers to stay overnight, rest stops where the weary can take a drink break, restaurants for refreshments and even a bulldozer that's used to maintain the trails. The surrounding areas have many conveniences built for tourism, including golf courses, hotels, ski runs and, of course, hiking trails. It is rather unique that even a mailbox is put up on top of the Mount Fuji during the months of July and August so that the climber can send the postcard to their friends and families.

Since the mountain's World Heritage designation in 2013, however, even more tourists have been anticipated, and one of the primary concerns of UNESCO is how to properly balance the conservation efforts of the area with the renewed interest in Mount Fuji as a visitor destination. Local, prefectural and national governments are now coordinating efforts to conserve historic and cultural sites while also facilitating access to travelers to the region.

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