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Introducing Flood-Resistant Floating Homes

Life in Japan Ibaraki Kanto
Introducing Flood-Resistant Floating Homes

A Japanese homebuilder has developed a house that floats during flooding as a measure to prevent permanent structural damage.

An experiment compared the house with a conventional one. Massive water is poured into a tank containing the two structures based on the scenario that torrential rains have caused nearby rivers to flood. Water enters the conventionally built house, but not the flood-resistant one. A device set up on the base of the house prevents water from seeping in.

When the floodwater becomes about two meters deep, the house starts to float. It remains in place even amid strong flows of water. That’s because the base of the house is attached to the ground with wires. Even when the water level reaches three meters, the inside is not affected.

The homebuilder began selling the flood-resistant house in September.