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Japan's Tallest Skyscraper to be Built by 2027

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Real estate giant Mitsubishi Estate has revealed details of a new complex in central Tokyo that will feature Japan’s tallest skyscraper: Tokyo Torch.

Japan tallest skyscraper to be built by 2027

Tokyo Torch will encompass four buildings over 3.1 hectares right across from Tokyo Station. The tallest tower will culminate at 390 meters.

People can even look down on the symbolic Tokyo Tower, which rises to a height of 333 meters. The panorama from the top floor will boast views of Tokyo Bay and the iconic Mt. Fuji.

The first step of the project will be to demolish the structure that occupies the planned construction site. Dismantling the building alone will be tough work.

Planning has been further complicated by the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Mitsubishi Estate has entirely redesigned the rooftop garden of one of the lower structures. Architects also plan to enlarge the square.

Builders estimate the project will have taken 10 years to complete by the time the tower is finished in 2027.