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Another Legendary Lego & Nintendo Crossover

Nintendo Lego Family Stay Home

Lego and Nintendo seem like they wouldn’t get along since one company is all about the joy of building things in the physical world while the other is focused on creating digital realms for us to have adventures in. But at their cores, they’re both innovative organizations with decades of success creating fun for kids and kids at heart, and that shared spirit is producing some big surprises.

First came the reveal of the Lego Super Mario set, which has fans’ hearts racing (and their wallets sweating). Even before Lego Mario’s August 1 release date, though, the two companies are already teasing yet another team-up, with this video from the official Lego Instagram account that asks “Are you ready to play like never before?”

Now we have the full-color image thanks to Lego's Instagram page. Attached to the console by a cord is the unmistakable rectangular NES controller. While even a purely decorative Lego NES would be an instant purchase from legions of loyal Nintendo fans, “Are you ready to play like never before?” suggests that the pad is functional, or at least that the Lego NES is somehow interactive.

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