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10 Great Gifts from Japan

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This is a collection of 10 original gifts from Japan that represent the rich cultural heritage of this wonderful country—and tend to go down well with overseas visitors, too.

Hakone Zaiku

Hakone zaiku is a woodcraft from the Hakone area between Tokyo and Mount Fuji. It uses different kinds of wood to create objects with beautiful patterns. Hakone zaiku mystery boxes (karakuri boxes) are particularly popular, since the parts of the box need to be moved in a defined sequence to open it.

Kami Fusen: Japanese Paper Balloons

Kami fusen are Japanese paper balloons made of sturdy waxed paper. The cute little balloons can be inflated (and reinflated) with a simple puff! Kami fusen were actually originally designed as toys for children, but nowadays are also used for decorative purposes.

Edo Kiriko: Japanese Colored Glass

Edo kiriko is a Japanese colored glass craft known for its unique engraved patterns. It originates from Edo, the old name of Tokyo, and dates back to 1834 when an artisan invested this new technique.

Inden Deerskin Craft

Inden deerskin craft is a Japanese craft made of lacquered deerskin. The techniques and patterns were originally used for the production of samurai armor, but nowadays they're found on purses, bags, business card holders and much more.

Ichimatsu Dolls

Ichimatsu dolls are traditional Japanese dolls that represent little boys and girls dressed in kimono. Ichimatsu dolls are popular presents since they represent the traditional culture and clothing of Japan.

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