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Top 10 Day Trips From Hiroshima

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Hiroshima is a city with a LOT of personality, and plenty of great stuff to see and do. It's a pretty compact city, which makes sightseeing easy and convenient. It's also quite close to many other excellent local areas, which makes it the perfect base to plan some day trips.

10. Kintai Bridge

This historical wooden arch bridge is a popular tourist spot. Located in the small town of Iwakuni, the bridge is hundreds of years old and the five arcs cross the Nishiki River. This bridge has a special history that began with its construction under the commission of Kikkawa Hiroyoshi, the third feudal lord. It was completed in 1673 and stood proud until 1950 when a typhoon damage and neglect led to its collapse. The local residents were disheartened at the thought of their beloved bridge crumbling and so, stone by stone, wooden plank by wooden plank, they rebuilt an exact replica which was finished in 1953.

9. Fukuyama Castle

This was one of the last castles to be built in the Edo Period. It is worth noting that the one you will see now is a postwar reconstruction. There is a small museum onsite which showcases the local history. This spot is particularly popular during the spring as many people come to see the cherry blossoms. The castle is inside a park area with many other museums and sites nearby so we think it is a great place to spend a day exploring. From the top floor of the castle you can enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding area.

8. Yamato Museum

This insightful museum will give you first-hand experience of shipbuilding and offer you the local history of Kure. The first and second floors showcase the history of Kure and the difficult lives that the inhabiting shipbuilders had. We’d recommend heading straight to Yamato Hiroba, a one-tenth scale model of the battleship. Regardless of whether you are interested in shipbuilding or not, this model which measures 26 meters (86 feet) is fascinating. The focus of the third floor is shipbuilding technology and on the fourth floor, you can enjoy the view from the observation room.

7. Sensui Island

This small island, also known as Sensuijima, is an absolute must-see if you are in the area during the summer months. Note that during winter it might seem like you are the only people on the island. During summers, there are ice creams, holidayers and yet a very peaceful atmosphere. We’d recommend walking the coastal line to enjoy all the sights of the island. There are a few restaurants and hotels on the island, so if you are looking for a romantic getaway for a few days, Sensui Island might be your ideal destination. The most popular spot on the island is the Five-Color Crag. At this geographical crag, you can see black, red, blue, yellow and white rock formations. Apparently, it is also a power spot on the island.

6. Tomonoura

This old fishing town is the perfect place to spend a few days relaxing and enjoying the traditional atmosphere. Thanks to its special location and scenery, Tomonoura has even been featured in blockbuster movies, such as Wolverine. The old wooden slatted facades in the front of the house are reminiscent of other popular places such as the infamous Gion area of Kyoto. For the best views of the area head to Fukuzenji Temple. From the temple, you can sit and enjoy the breathtaking scenery that spans across the bay in front of you. Another good spot to visit is Ankokuji Temple which features tropical plants and important cultural statues.

5. Shimanami Kaido

If you’re interested in cycling or want to experience the beautiful scenery surrounding Hiroshima, we think the perfect way to do so is to hire a bike and ride along Shimanami Kaido, also known as Nishiseto Expressway. This 37-mi (60 km) road connects Japan’s main island to Shikoku passing the small island that surrounds Seto Inland Sea. You can also walk the route, but remember to pack plenty of water. Shimanami Kaido was officially opened in 1996 and is now a popular tourist route across the islands. Be sure to stop along the route to enjoy beautiful views and insta-worthy photos.

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